cropped profile 1      Do you believe in magic? I do. When I was growing up my mother told stories about fairies. They came out with the moon and sang and danced until the sun peeked over the horizon. There was even a troop of fairies that lived in our back yard. In the morning we would look for evidence of fairy rings in the grass or around trees. It was easy, through child’s eyes, to see crushed blades of grass or broken petunia leaves as proof that was where fairies had danced the night away.

     My mother also talked about her eccentric Aunt Helga who had many mysterious ways. Aunt Helga could answer the telephone every time by greeting the caller by name without hearing their voice. This was long before the days of caller identification. When Aunt Helga had someone on her mind, say an old friend or a relative she missed, she would bake their favorite pie. She would think of them and bake their pie and when it was done she would put on a pot of coffee. Low and behold who would come knocking on her front door longing for pie and a visit with Helga. My mother told fairy tales and nursery rhymes that nurtured my passion for finding magic in ordinary days as well as my love of story telling.

Throughout my life I have continued to seek out magical realism. My greatest helpers have been my children. When they were young we walked and talked and explored our natural Midwestern world. We discovered the mysteries of hiking on foggy, soggy days and stargazing on clear, dark nights. They taught me to maintain the wonder my mother instilled in me all those years ago. Now that they are older I split my time between building displays of lovely things at a local interior design shop and building stories of romance and magic. Of course my own romantic interest, my scientist husband, is always by my side keeping me grounded.

In my books I love to explore what happens when my characters open themselves up to the possibility that magic exists. With my characters we can discover where the subtle unexplained mysteries of everyday life can take us. Join me as I conjure up stories that examine the boundaries between reality and magic. And just how blurred those boundaries can be.