Dining Room Buffet


Hi Everyone,

Recently I had a customer come into What’s Old Is New asking if I could make a custom buffet for a small dining room. She had been looking for months at traditional furniture stores but everything she saw was way too big for her space. The main problem she was running into was width, she needed something at most fourteen inches wide. Most of the buffets she saw in stores were eighteen to twenty-four inches wide. That wouldn’t allow room for guests to sit on one side of her table.

The other thing she was looking for was storage for her china and crystal. Many of the furniture sales people suggested a council table that could be used for serving. But that wouldn’t help with her storage needs. The months of searching did pay off in one way, she knew what she wanted. She came to What’s Old Is New armed with measurements, photos of pieces she liked and colors for the finishes. All I needed to do was find the right piece of furniture. And that turned into quite a challenge.

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