Francie’s Furniture Blog – Introduction

If you read my novella, A Filigree Heart, you know Francie Quinn refurbishes furniture to sell in her shop, What’s Old Is New in Prairie Grove, Illinois. She scours attics, barns, basements and the like throughout the Midwest to find items that time forgot. Then uses her talents to transform them into beautiful, useable household items. Francie loves to experiment with technics and finishes to revive and update once unloved furnishings. When she’s finished with them they are one of a kind works of art.

After being asked “How did you do that?” a thousand times by her customers Francie started a blog. In it she tells a bit about each piece. What it is, where she found it, and what only she can see about its past with her special gift.

Then she walks us through the techniques she uses to transform items, along with project photos. I would like to say before and after photos, but Francie rarely remembers to take the before shot. I think she gets so excited when she finds something good that she just can’t wait an extra second to snap a quick pic before she dives into work. Oh well, the after photos are the best to see anyway.

I thought it would be fun to check in and see what Francie is up too. So, I’ll be posting her blog entries here from time to time. I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of items you might find in her shop. Maybe learning some of her tricks and tips might inspire us to try our hand at transforming some of the long-forgotten items in our own attics.



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